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Table 3 Effects of using commercial foliar fungicides as seed treatments on stand count, vigor, damping-off incidence (%), and yields in a soybean field inoculated with Pythium ultimum var. ultimum at West Curtiss Research Farm, Iowa State University, Ames, Iowax

From: Diversity of Pythium spp. associated with soybean damping-off, and management implications by using foliar fungicides as seed treatments

Fungicides Stand count Plant vigory Damping-off Incidence (%) Yield (mt/ha) Advantage over control
Yield (mt/ha) Economic (USD/ha)z
Aproach 551.5a 8.8ba 1.07ba 5.36a 0.31 123.9
Endura 588.0a 9.0a 0.59edc 5.22ba 0.17 67.8
Evito 563.0a 8.8ba 0.62ede 5.20ba 0.15 60.5
Headline 588.3a 9.0a 0.51ed 5.24ba 0.19 74.9
Priaxor 577.5a 9.0a 0.31e 5.33a 0.28 109.4
Quadris 570.0a 8.5ba 0.80bdc 5.31a 0.25 100.9
Stratego YLD 575.3a 8.8ba 0.88bac 5.31a 0.26 103.9
Sercadis 574.5a 8.8ba 0.63edc 5.26ba 0.21 84.2
Control 570.8a 8.3b 1.21a 5.05b 0 0
  1. xResults are average of 4 replications each with 16.2 m2 plot in RCBD design. Means within column followed by the same letter(s) are not significantly different from each other at 5% level of significance (P < 0.05). ybased on a 1–9 scale at growth stage V5, where 1 = poor and 9 = excellent. zbased on soybean price $397/mt on Sept 30, 2017. (