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Table 2 Information of the candidate gene-encoding proteins

From: Subtractive hybridization-assisted screening and characterization of genes involved in the rice-Magnaporthe oryzae interaction

Clone No. Gene Encoding protein Cell deatha Induced chlorosisb Source
2G7, 38F1, 38G4, 65D9 LOC4324770 Myb-related protein 308 +++ Yesc Rice
41E7, 47H4, 70G11 LOC4346246 Myb-related protein Zm38 ++ Yes Rice
58F2 LOC4330027 Myb4-like protein + Yes Rice
32F1, 33G9 LOC9266213 Transcription factor Myb 8 ++ No Rice
16C1, 16E6, 16F5, 23B10, 24G5, 25A9, 32A11, 32G5, 35A4, 49A2 LOC4333423 Zinc finger protein 1 +++ Yes Rice
19D7, 30A11, 36G8, 38E2, 52G1, 55A12, 65H11 LOC9267830 Zinc finger protein 2 ++ Yes Rice
30A8 LOC4330898 Zinc finger protein 8 ++ Yesc Rice
31A8 LOC4346072 RanBP2 zinc finger protein ++ No Rice
47G1 LOC4335388 OsWRKY17 + No Rice
3A2 LOC4341678 WRKY28-like protein +++ No Rice
11B7 LOC4338413 OsWRKY70 + No Rice
60G5 LOC107278717 OsWRKY72 ++ Yes Rice
35E11 LOC4349267 Chitinase 8 +++ Yesc Rice
6H5 LOC4331519 Chitinase 11 ++ Yesc Rice
12D8 LOC4346014 AT-hook motif nuclear-localized protein 10 ++ No Rice
14E3 LOC4331447 33 kDa ribonucleo protein, chloroplastic ++ No Rice
23B9 LOC4333394 Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase E + Yesc Rice
45F10 LOC4332476 Serine/arginine-rich splicing factor RS2Z32 +++ Yes Rice
45G11 LOC4331546 Pre-mRNA splicing factor cwf23 +++ No Rice
52F8 LOC4328486 CASP-like protein 2C2 + No Rice
53H9 LOC4332413 Heat shock cognate 70 kDa protein 2 ++ Yes Rice
4G7 LOC4326977 Ubiquitin-40S ribosomal protein S27a-1 +++ No Rice
13F5 LOC4329736 Protein sensitive to proton rhizotoxicity 1 ++ No Rice
5A6, 11A10, 12C4, 65B12 LOC4342269 Uncharacterized protein +++ No Rice
14B9, 14F1 LOC4334216 Uncharacterized protein +++ Yes Rice
16D8 LOC9271812 Uncharacterized protein ++ Yes Rice
23B5 LOC4324656 Uncharacterized protein + No Rice
42G4, 52F10 LOC9267428 Uncharacterized protein ++ No Rice
44A3 LOC4332848 Uncharacterized protein + Yes Rice
44F6 LOC9268105 Uncharacterized protein + No Rice
5A10 MGG_08356 Polysaccharide deacetylase ++ No Blast fungus
4H10, 7F10 MGG_10522 Hypothetical protein ++ Yes Blast fungus
  1. a Cell death was observed on N. benthamiana; b Chlorosis on barley leaves was induced by gene expression with or without subsequent infection by the blast fungus; c Chlorosis could be induced in absence of the fungal infection; “+++” indicates tissue collapse of the Agrobacteria-inoculated region; “++” and “+” indicate partial or sporadic cell death, respectively, observed on the lower surface of leaves