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Table 1 The concentration of Soybean dwarf virus (SbDV) in the aphid vectors, A. glycines and A. pisum, following a 48 h acquisition feeding on soybeans infected with the North American SbDV-MD6 and a 48 h non-host feeding, as indicated by viral copy numbers

From: Aphid vectors impose a major bottleneck on Soybean dwarf virus populations for horizontal transmission in soybean

SbDV isolate Aphid Vector   Average viral copy numbers in aphids b
48 h acquisition feeding 48 h non-host feeding
MD6 A. glycines 1/4 1/4 a 1.4 × 105+/− 0.0 2.3 × 103+/−  0.0
A. pisum 3/3 2/3 4.6 × 106+/− 1.1 × 105 5.8 × 105+/−  1.7 × 104
  1. a Acquisition and retention values represented by two fractions. The first fraction represents the number of times the aphid acquired the virus from feeding on infected host tissue/total number of experimental repetitions. The second fraction represents the number of times the aphid retained the virus after feeding on non-infected non-host tissue/total number of experimental repetitions
  2. b Mean copy number values for all positive results with standard deviations determined by RT-qPCR. In cases where only a single sample tested positive, the standard deviation is listed as 0.0