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Table 2 Comparison of predicted BGCs between genomes of the B. subtilis strains 9407 and 168

From: Comprehensive genomic analysis of Bacillus subtilis 9407 reveals its biocontrol potential against bacterial fruit blotch

Metabolites Type Clusters in 9407 Size (kb) Clusters in 168 Identity (%) Bioactive spectrum
Bacillibactin NRPS dhbABCEF, besA 49.7 dhbABCEF, besA 99–100 Microbial competitors
Subtilosin A Sactipeptide sboA, albABCDEFG 21.6 sboA, albABCDEFG 98–100 Bacteria
Bacilysin NRPS bacABCDEFG 49.7 bacABCDEFG 95–100 Bacteria, yeasts, and fungi
Fengycin PKS/NRPS ppsABCDE 82.1 ppsABCDE 96–98 Filamentous fungi
Bacillaene PKS/NRPS baeABCDEGHIJLMNRS, acpK 114.8 baeABCDEGHIJLMNRS, acpK 98–100 Bacteria
Surfactin NRPS srfAABCD 65.4 srfAABCD 98–100 Virus, mycoplasma, and tumor
Sublancin 168 Glycocin Not present sunATI, bdbAB 0 Gram-positive bacteria
Sporulation killing factor Sactipeptide Not present skfABCEFGH 0 Bacteria