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Table 2 Comparative table for the functionalities available in the epifitter, EPIDMODEL (Nutter and Parker 1997), and the spreadsheet developed by Bowen (2015)

From: Analysis and simulation of plant disease progress curves in R: introducing the epifitter package

Functionalities Epimodel Spreadsheet Epifitter
Accompanying datasets Yes No No
Handling of single epidemics Yes No Yes
Handling of multiple epidemics Yes No Yes
Models fitting    
Linear Yes No No
Exponential Yes No Yes
Monomolecular Yes No Yes
Logistic Yes No Yes
Gompertz Yes No Yes
Richards No No No
Estimate maximum asymptote No No Yes
Disease progress curves No Yes Yes
Random noise No No Yes
Fitting method    
Linear regression Yes No Yes
Non-linear regression No No Yes
Model summary    
Goodness of fit Yes No Yes
Model ranking No No Yes
Diagnostic (error plots) Yes No No
Fitted values Yes No Yes
Plot customization No Yes Yes
Epidemic comparison    
Area under curve or stairs No No Yes