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Table 1 Summary of SCR-resistant genes

From: Southern corn rust caused by Puccinia polysora Underw: a review

Gene Race of P. polysora Maize variety/line Country Chromosome References
Rpp1 EA1 AFRO.29 Columbia   Storey and Howland (1959)
Rpp2 EA1, EA2 AFRO.24 (SLP 20-4A) Mexico   Storey and Howland (1959)
Rpp3Rpp8 PP.3–PP.8     Robert (1962)
Rpp9 PP.9 PT186208 South African   Scheffer and Ullstrup (1965)
Rpp10 EA1, EA3 AFRO.761 Colombia   Storey and Howland (1967b)
Rpp11 EA1, EA3 AFRO.600 Mexico   Storey and Howland (1967b)
RppP25   P25 China 10S Liu et al. (2003)
RppQ   Qi319 China 10S Chen et al. (2004)
RppD   W2D China 10S Zhang et al. (2009)
RppC   CML470 CIMMYT 10S Yao et al. (2013)
Rpp12   Jiku12 China 10S Zhang (2013)
RppS   SCML205 China 10S Wu et al. (2015)
RppM   Kangxiujing2416 (Jing2416k) China 10S Wang et al. (2020b)
RppCML496   CML496 CIMMYT 10S Meng et al. (2021)