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Table 1 Geographical distribution of TYLCV isolates in China

From: Occurrence, distribution, and management of tomato yellow leaf curl virus in China

Provincial-level administrative region Number of TYLCV isolates Provincial-level administrative region Number of TYLCV isolates
Yunnan 119 Hubei 4
Shandong 76 Sichuan 2
Henan 31 Hunan 1
Beijing 29 Chongqing 1
Hebei 21 Jilin 1
Jiangsu 14 Guizhou 1
Zhejiang 14 Tianjin 1
Liaoning 14 Taiwan Symptom described
Fujian 13 Heilongjiang Symptom described
Shanxi 12 Gansu Symptom described
Guangdong 12 Ningxia Symptom described
Xinjiang 11 Inner Mongolia Symptom described
Gaungxi 9 Hong Kong 0
Anhui 8 Qinghai 0
Shanghai 8 Tibet 0
Shaanxi 7 Jiangxi 0
Hainan 6 Macao 0
  1. The exact number of TYLCV isolates with the public full-length TYLCV nucleic acid sequences identified in each place is listed. ‘Symptom described’ represents the region where TYLCV-related disease symptoms have been described, but molecular confirmation of the presence of the virus is lacking. ‘0’ represents no TYLCV disease or presence of TYLCV isolates, which might be due to limited sampling