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Table 1 List of Puccinia species used in the phylogenetic analysis

From: Three formae speciales of Puccinia striiformis were identified as heteroecious rusts based on completion of sexual cycle on Berberis spp. under artificial inoculation

Puccinia species Host GenBank accession No.
P. pseudostriiformis Poa pratensis HM057113 a
P. gansensis Achnatherum inebrians HM057115
P. striiformis Triticum aestivum HM057118
P. striiformis Aegilops ligustica HM057127
P. striiformis Hordeum sp. HM057128
P. striiformis Elymus elymoides HM057130
P. striiformis T. aestivum HM057135
P. striiformis H. comosum HM057136
P. striiformoides Dactylis glomerata HM057137
P. coronata s.l. Avena sp. HM057140
P. graminis T. aestivum HM057144
P. poae-nemoralis Koeleria litvinowii HM057155
P. striiformis Agropyron cristatum MK418351b
P. striiformis E. cylindricus MK418452b
P. striiformis H. vulgare var. nudum MK414678b
  1. aData of HM series of Puccinia species were originated from Liu and Hambleton (2010). bEach of sequences of rust fungi used in this study was submitted to GenBank of NCBI Database ( and was provided accession number, respectively