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  1. Authors: M. Tofazzal Islam, Dipali Rani Gupta, Akbar Hossain, Krishna K. Roy, Xinyao He, Muhammad R. Kabir, Pawan K. Singh, Md. Arifur Rahman Khan, Mahfuzur Rahman and Guo-Liang Wang

About the Editor

peng1Dr. You-Liang Peng received his Ph.D. degree in Plant Pathology from Kyoto University in 1989, then spent three years at Mitsui Plant Biotechnology Research Institute as a postdoctoral fellow. In 1992, he was appointed associate professor in the Department of Plant Pathology at the China Agricultural University and was promoted to full professor in 1993. He is an outstanding and internationally known plant pathologist, collaborator, and educator. He has made seminal contributions to understanding the molecular basis of pathogenesis and variation in Magnaporthe oryzae, which led to significant advances in controlling rice blast disease. His exemplary leadership has resulted in fruitful collaborations among plant pathologists in Asia and the USA, and his excellent teaching and supervision have trained many next-generation plant pathologists. For these many accomplishments he was elected a CSPP Fellow in 2015 and honored as an APS Fellow in 2018.

Good News: Phytopathology Research received the IF 2022 as 3.4!

We are pleased to announce that Phytopathology Research received the new Impact Factor (IF 2022) as 3.4, which placed the journal as #69/238 (Q2) in the category of Plant Sciences!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the authors, reviewers, readers and editorial board members for their continuous support to the journal, and making this exciting development possible!

Call for Reading

We have selected 5 highly downloaded/cited articles published in 2020-2021 as below. We hope the journal readers will enjoy reading those articles and recommending them to their colleagues!

  1. Bock CH, Barbedo JGA, del Ponte EM, Bohnenkamp D and Mahlein A-K. From visual estimates to fully automated sensor-based measurements of plant disease severity: status and challenges for improving accuracy. Phytopathol Res. 2020;2:9.
  2. Islam MT, Gupta DR, Hossain A, Roy KK, He X, Kabir MR, et al. Wheat blast: a new threat to food security. Phytopathol Res. 2020;2:28.
  3. Gu X, Zeng Q, Wang Y, Li J, Zhao Y, Li Y, et al. Comprehensive genomic analysis of Bacillus subtilis 9407 reveals its biocontrol potential against bacterial fruit blotch. Phytopathol Res. 2021;3:4.
  4. Ma Z, Zhang H, Ding M, Zhang Z, Yang X and Zhou X. Molecular characterization and pathogenicity of an infectious cDNA clone of tomato brown rugose fruit virus. Phytopathol Res. 2021;3:14.
  5. Peng D, Jiang R, Peng H and Liu S. Soybean cyst nematodes: a destructive threat to soybean production in China. Phytopathol Res. 2021;3:19.

Thematic Series

Plant Pathology Research in China: A Centennial View

Plant Pathology Research in China: A Centennial View
Edited by: Prof. Jun Liu and Prof. Xiaorong Tao

The thematic series is calling for papers:
Submission deadline: July 31st, 2022, more information can be found here.

Aims and scope

Phytopathology Research is an open access journal dedicated to advancing our understanding of plant diseases and developing effective environment-friendly measures for disease control.

The journal publishes fundamental and applied research on broad aspects of plant diseases. These include but are not limited to genetics and molecular biology of plant disease resistance or susceptibility, molecular analysis of relevant traits in agriculturally important phytopathogens, the ecology of pathogens and plant-associated beneficial micro-organisms, disease etiology, epidemiology and disease management, and technical innovations that advance the phytopathology research. Articles are selected based on novelty, importance, scientific validity, and interest to the readers.

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  • 2022 Citation Impact
    3.4 - 2-year Impact Factor
    4.2 - 5-year Impact Factor
    1.282 - SNIP (Source Normalized Impact per Paper)
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